Techspace IT Services provides highly skilled personnel to facilitate and coordinate ATM services with a competitive rebate for commercial enterprises and individual clients. Techspace IT Services offers quality services with no merchant overhead. Techspace IT Services offers services such as facilitation and installation of stand-alone ATMs, through-the-wall ATMs, and Signage for ATMs as well as branding. Techspace IT Services affiliates with leading vendors who are a valued partner in our business. Experience efficient, friendly, and accommodating staff at Techspace IT Services. Techspace IT Services resolves your ATM service issues on time.

High-Quality ATM Hardware

Techspace IT Services offers advanced quality hardware services to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Dual Acquirer Processing

Techspace IT Services uses Dual Acquirer Processing to make you sure that there is minimal ATM downtime.

Swift Transactions

Techspace IT Services delivers responsive 3G, 4G, ADSL2, NBN network connections used for swift transactions.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Techspace IT Services offers unparalleled customer service and additional security with a recessed PIN.

Innovative Solutions

Techspace IT Services provides you with the Certified Payment Card Industry and Data Security Standard security software.

On-going Support & Maintenance

Techspace IT Services understands that support is essential when investing in technology and has built its reputation on delivering the most responsive service in the industry.

Reliable ATM services

Experience efficient and real-time monitoring ATM services that give you 100% customer satisfaction. .